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Steve Gordon and Associates consists of precise, qualified and successful attorneys.  Our staff is collectively referred to as: Steve Gordon and Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law.  We were formed by Steve Gordon, the Senior Partner and Chief Executive Officer.  Our headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas.

 Our Objective 
Steve Gordon and Associates objectives are to consistently provide the highest possible representation by implementing dynamic, productive and complete civil and and criminal representation , building quality relationships based on integrity, responsibility and respect for each and every client.

Our Mission
Steve Gordon and Associates is a term used to collectively refer to a group of premier representation staff committed to providing maximum value for our clients.

Our Values

i. Integrity - We exemplify the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our business. We believe in being open, honest and trustworthy. We are committed to being fair and objective, and to acting in accordance with our convictions. 

ii. Respect - We treat others as we desire to be treated. We respect the dignity of each individual, whether a team member, client, partner, colleague, or member of the community. We behave professionally and responsibly. We embrace a corporate culture where work and personal life are balanced.

iii. Entrepreneurship - We have confidence in the intelligence, talents, skills and foresight of our team members and we believe that our company operates best in an entrepreneurial environment.

iv. Improvement - We believe in continuous improvement, and encourage our people to grow both professionally and personally by providing superior training and resources. We demand high standards from ourselves, while also challenging us to reach our full potential.

v. Competency - We recruit and retain exceptional people with high levels of skill, education, and experience. We value motivated and ambitious individuals who work efficiently and productively to help us fulfill our mission.

vi. Our Promise - Our team members are the heart of our organization. We are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial culture where we employ the most capable and talented individuals. We value individual differences in style, perspectives and background. We embrace a work environment where our values are lived, life balance is encouraged, individual aspirations are achieved, and our mission is fulfilled.